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Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Jewelry Life..

may not be the easiest path to walk... But it sure is rewarding at times... After all, a girl, or guy, can never have too much jewelry! And.... if you are like me, totally addicted to jewelry... There's obviously NO OTHER CHOICE!!!
So, off I go, on this Blogging adventure, to share with you my life's work in jewelry and some of my favorite other Jewelry Designer's pieces along the way!
My goal is to present some of my favorite images of my work from the different collections I've created over the past 20 years in a semi chronological order up to the present . This will take some time obviously... But I'm sure it will be a fantastic walk down memory lane for myself and many of the amazingly talented people I've worked with along the way. I only hope you will enjoy the journey as much as I will! :) And, yes... I am looking forward to all the future works that are in the mists waiting to be brought to life when the time is right!
So... Let's start at the beginning....Not the beginning of my jewelry designing, that was much earlier, but the start of my documenting process.. approximately 2000.
Inspiring "gem" of the day: "We build strength through our failures not our successes!" COCO CHANEL

as a side note: Please comment if I miss any credits that should apply and let me apologize in advance if I miss something!
Jewelry/Headdresses:Marisa Youlden Jewelry
Costumes: Tiffa Novoa ,Onda for El Circo
Photos: Arrowone and Arin Ingraham
  • Top Photo: Carnelian Pyramid Mohawk with feathers.
  • Racoon Penis Bone and fish Vertebrae Mohawk Headdress
  • Puau Shell's from our ElCirco trip to New Zealand with Peruvian Opal
  • Vertebrae Mohawk with Orchids
  • Geisha Headress made from antique Jet from 1900's

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  1. Looking forward to seeing this develop! Please make the type a little bigger so that it's easier to read?