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Marisa Youlden Jewelry
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Monday, April 19, 2010

More RV Collection

The RV Collection

For a few months I was living in an RV in the Bay area after I left LA. Took me a while to decide where exactly I wanted to Live. I finally chose Fairfax! But, before I did, I had to work in very limited space in the RV. I made some good stuff during that time though! It was an adventure that I really enjoyed. I'm sure I will do that again in my life at some time. Gypsy life seems to be in my blood.

More "In Your Eyes"

"In Your Eyes" with Kuccoon

This fashion was in LA with Kuccoon. As of now it's the last fashion show I did in LA and it was after I moved to the Bay area. I shot the images backstage. I also did the hats and necklaces.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Skin.Graft Collab w/ MYJewelry and Darrah Danielle

These are images from a runway show in LA with Skin.Graft. and Darrah Danielle and myself collaborating. Darrah did the collage up above and I did a replica of the headdress in the image that was set on a mannikin w/ a Skin.Graft. gown. She was reading from an old book by way of an image of someone's face reading and then projecting it on the mannikins face. I did a lot of hats/headdresses for this event . My friend Sean did the hair (from Fred Segal Hair).

MYJewelry with Skin.Graft. in LA...

As time would have it , I am at the point where I did a shoot with Skin.Graft. for their Holster Bags. They asked me to provide the Jewelry that day. Love those guys! And this is where I met our sweet Angel Breanna ...... A true Angel of sweetness and bright light. R.I.P. love. We will miss you soooooo much. I am so pleased I have these memories of you... :)
This jewelry shows some of the first actual metal work that I did while studying metalsmithing in LA. Hope to get back into that again soon. So fun.!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Marionette Shoot

Kendrick Osorio did the styling for this awesome shoot. It was shot in a lifesize Marionette Theater in LA. He piled layers of my Rhinestone jewelry on the models and I also did the black velvet cape w/ the rhinestones on it. I loved this shoot. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the photographer???